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Weddings are the area where Merry Makers & Decorators shines. Balloons are not just for clowns and kids parties. Balloons can be elegant, sophisticated, classy and at the same time, deliver an element of fun.

Your wedding décor is important. Personalized décor makes your wedding YOUR wedding. It will not be like anyone else's. Even if you choose the same design as another couple, the design will be completely yours in your venue with your colors and touches of flair.

Merry Makers brings quality balloon décor elements and adds the little frilly details that make weddings so beautiful. Including lighting designs, fabric designs, patterned balloons, ribbons bows and so much more!

Most requested wedding décor items include but are not limed to: Dance Floor Canopy, Ceiling Treatments, Fabric and Lighting Designs, Entryway Arches, Head Table Designs, Balloon Drops, Cake Table Designs, Photo Backdrop Areas, Centerpieces, Balloon Releases (instead of throwing rice), Pew Bows, Wall Décor, and Fantasy Flowers.

We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS!!! Consultations are best at your venue so that Allison can visually see the space you need décor items in, areas you wish to enhance, and areas you wish to hide. She can also see rigging points and make suggestions if you need additional ideas. Call today to schedule your consultation! 970-631-0110.


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