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Classic balloon décor is basically described as garland, columns, and string of pearl arches. What makes them classic is that all the balloons are the same size all the way through the design. Patterns may vary, however the balloons are the same size.

Custom balloon décor is taking classic balloon décor elements and adding texture and embellishment with different size balloons, different types of balloons, different cluster placements and of course double stuffing and more.

Recently most of my corporate clients have requested my custom balloon décor designs. I have many clients who tell me the date, the theme, and the budget and I just produce designs and build them.

The arch in the first picture of the slideshow was for the 2012 Relay for Life ("Wild about Relay") Event in Greeley Colorado. As you can see...all the balloons are the same size, however if you look closely, you will see the tiny 260q's sticking out all around the arch. This makes this piece a custom design.

Our balloon crew prefers to build onsite of your event. This allows us to build to the space as opposed to being regimented into a particular size. If the décor needs a few extra balloons to make it fit it allows us to make those changes.

We do ask for a minimum of a 4 hour build window. The area of where we are building the designs needs to be free of any other activity during our time there.

Ideas for custom balloon décor include: Balloon people, Animal Centerpieces, Giant Animals (Horses, Elephants, Cats, etc.), Classic designs with a custom twist: Crazy Columns, Parade Floats, and Theme Columns: Baby, Wedding Anniversary, Birthday, Fairy, Under the Sea and so many more!

Classic/Custom Balloons

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